How can I become a model for aesthetic medicine workshops?

Become a candidate?

Being a model candidate for Aesthetic Models World Recruitment means registering to apply for a workshop and, if selected, benefiting from an aesthetic medicine treatment.

Our teams search for models and propose them for each workshop based on demand AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT casts models, but cannot claim medical competence. Diagnoses are made by the doctor and laboratory. We put our model candidates in contact with specialists. As such, AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT cannot give you medical advice. The AESTHETIC MODEL WORLD RECRUITMENT agency, in collaboration with health professionals, provides you with information that cannot replace the information and advice provided by a specialist doctor.

Before registering as a model candidate, please read the information below. Find out more here.

Before registering as a model candidate, it’s important to think carefully.
By registering, you will be included in our candidate database and may be selected to participate in and benefit from an aesthetic medical procedure. Every medical act is a commitment. It’s not an insignificant decision. First of all, you need to make sure that you are eligible for aesthetic medical treatment, by consulting your GP. Our agency is not authorized to question or validate your state of health. It is your responsibility to find out to what extent you have no antecedents or contraindications. On the other hand, receiving a treatment such as a hyaluronic acid injection or other aesthetic medicine treatment requires careful consideration. This is not an ordinary cosmetic procedure, but a medical one.

The decision must be carefully considered. We ask each candidate to weigh up his or her motivation and determination. Our agency acts as a caster; we are not authorized to advise you on the medical procedures you will receive. This is your personal responsibility, as well as that of the team organizing the training event. On the other hand, the injecting physician and the organizer will inform you by signing an informed consent form. Only the physician is legally obliged to have you sign a consent form. This responsibility cannot be delegated to a third party. Article 35 of the medical code of ethics.

When you come under a doctor’s care, you officially become his or her patient. This implies obligations and rights for both you and the doctor.

Obligations of the doctorbold,
Quality care:
To diagnose and treat your health problems competently.
Confidentiality: Respect medical confidentiality.
Information: Clearly informing you about your condition and treatment options.

Patient rights
Informed consent: Receive all the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment.
Autonomy: Make decisions about your own health, including refusing treatment.
Access to medical records: Consult and obtain a copy of your medical records.

Relationships of Trust
The doctor-patient relationship is based on mutual trust. You need to be honest with your doctor about your symptoms and medical history to enable accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How do I
complete my application

When you register on the site, you must complete a questionnaire and provide us with your name, contact details and address, as well as the most objective photos possible (no make-up, good lighting, front, right and left profile, 3/4) and of the best possible quality.

Indeed, it is these photos that will be communicated to the doctors. They are the ones who will judge the indication to be treated according to the workshop

The AESTHETIC MODEL agency asks you to be completely honest in the information you send us. You alone are responsible for the information you provide.

What type of photo should I send?

Laboratories require a specific frame, angle and quality of photo so that their medical teams can best study your profile. Your FACE photos must be taken EXCLUSIVELY according to the following criteria:

These are internationally renowned doctors and laboratories, some of which have been in business for over 50 years. Cryolipolysis equipment, specific lasers, LEDs, cellulite treatments… The referent doctors known as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are internationally renowned trainers. KOLs train their colleagues in specific techniques (points and techniques for hyaluronic acid and Botox injections, tightening threads, peeling).

When you register on the AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT platform, you will be included in a list of models who will be offered to take part in professional workshops on aesthetic medicine procedures. From the moment you register, you become part of our database. We act as a matchmaker and connect you with the laboratory or doctor requesting the models. By registering, you inform the AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT casting agency of your wish to participate. We establish contact based on requests from workshops, doctors’ training sessions and laboratories, as well as themes (face, body, etc.).

After your registration on the website, your validation of the agreement and the transmission of your photos, your file is considered complete. We will forward it to the doctor and laboratory of the workshop concerned. Your profile is studied beforehand on the basis of photos and your questionnaire by the laboratory, doctors and treatment specialists. The laboratory informs us of your selection or non-selection. At the same time, we’ll let you know the dates and times set for the workshop, and discuss your availability with you. If your profile is not selected, you will be contacted for another workshop.

A workshop is an opportunity for doctors to receive training from other colleagues who are undisputed leaders in their speciality. The training can be centred on a technique, a method, but also ensure the demonstration of the quality of a product. The laboratories support the continuing education of doctors by coordinating the organisation of these workshops. They take place during congresses in dedicated medical rooms or in the medical practice of the specialist doctor.

When you register on our site, you must be completely committed. You commit to scrupulously respecting the appointments and schedules communicated to you. For specific treatments such as cryolipolysis, you may be obliged to go to several appointments for a preliminary diagnosis, photos, etc., without being guaranteed that the treatment will be carried out. Your participation in a workshop engages the participation of a whole team of medical professionals and your non-attendance will have prejudicial consequences on the course of the workshop. As such, you undertake to attend the appointment(s) that have been fixed and confirmed to you by the AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT agency. Any cancellation or non-attendance will result in your removal from the database.

Generally speaking, when the workshop takes place during a national or international conference, there may be waiting times. AESTHETIC MODEL invites its candidates to be patient, available and free of commitments on the day of the workshop.

Yes, there are contraindications. You must have NO medical history contraindicating you from taking part in aesthetic workshops, such as allergies or auto-immune diseases. You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding. It is your responsibility to check in advance with your doctor that your state of health allows you to take part in one of the workshops offered on the AESTHETIC MODELS WORLD RECRUITMENT website.

Your personal information and documents will only be used in a professional circle, in a private manner (Laboratory, Referring Doctor, Health Professional). You have the right to oppose, access, modify, rectify and delete information concerning you. You can also unsubscribe from our database by sending us an e-mail at

Congresses, symposiums, or any other workshops held in medical offices are organized for professional purposes, as support for demonstrations for the training of physicians. These workshops can be filmed and photos before and after the aesthetic procedure can be taken. By registering on our website and participating in our workshops you understand and accept this rule. These videos or photos can be used on communication media aimed at the medical professions. From then on, you must certify that you are not bound by any exclusive contract on the use of your image. From then on, you must certify that you are not bound by any exclusive contract on the use of your image..

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